Our Company, ERMAK is professionally manufacturing concrete plants for 15 years. You will know that the most important equipment inside the plant are the mixers. In the market, the high technology and upper segment mixers under the MILANO brand are manufactured by ERMAK and dully registered and patented by the ERMAK brand. Thus, these mixers are applied in all our plants. For other equipment, specialized companies components are applied by our ERMAK concrete plants, such as helixes, clacks, vibrators, all from the Italian WAM Company; meanwhile hydraulic and pneumatic equipment are from the German PARKER brand, reducers are from Italian Company COBRA, and motors are at 80% ABB; conveyor belts are from DERBY society, while our rolling beds are from the Japanese ASAHI.

Regarding automation, standard softwares available in the market can be used, and project-specific software can be developed on customer’s demand.