Within 37 KW power. Fast and excellent quality mix.


  • As mixing arms are working, they can be easily adjusted downward.
  • Mixing arms and mixing blades can be easily replaced.
  • Mixing blades are Ni-Hard quality casting and has a hardness of 54 Hrc. So strong that this is not possible they get corrupted and so flexible that they are unbreakable.
  • Mixing blades have an ergonomic in line structure making sure a perfect mix based on a fifteen years’ experience. The arms are made of special flexible and cracking-resistant steel; especially designed for those who want to mix zero slump concrete without any problem.


  • Base and side wear plates are on demand made of Ni-Hard cast or Hardox quality steel sheets.
  • Holes are standard and easily replaceable.
  • Plate dimensions are calculated in aim to be easily carried and replaced.


  • One of the most important elements in a mixer is the reducer. Our reducers are Italian certified COBRA brand. Many European mixer manufacturers use this renowned reducer. They are long lasting and high quality reducers, developed and optimized all along years of experience.
  • Motors are ABB brand and low energy class motors. Accordingly, when mixers work, they contribute to shorten the amortization period through continuous energy savings.
  • What makes our mixers superiors to our competitors is the use of specific upper motor and reducer. The capacity of all the mixers available in the market is calculated and manufactured based on wet concrete calculation. Get in mind that MILANO mixers are designed to mix the harder concrete called zero slump. It is also designed to be easily used by companies, which manufacture prefabricated concrete elements, interlocking paving stones, etc...


  • Our mixers are designed to be integrated with any kind of concrete plants.


  • Discharge cover is designed to be opened at maximum.
  • Discharge dimension cover and blades are designed to ensure a very fast discharge. In case of power cuts in the hydraulic system, a pump with manual handle is used to open the mixer cover. Piston and bearing structure are designed in aim to allow the discharge cover; it makes easy and smooth all opening and closing operations.


  • Maintenance and observation covers possesses a safety switch system and guarantees the worker’s safety as primary concern.


  • Optional, equipped with a blind cover assembled easily and fixed on the left of its body.


  • Mounted optionally, it is a system ensuring the rapid discharge of the mixer.


  • Also optional coming with a pump-nozzle system allowing the blades to be easily and quickly cleaned.

Product Visuals

750/500 Planetary 750/500 Planetary 750/500 Planetary